"Composer Jim Williams deserve(s) special mention for underpinning these ostensibly calm pastoral scenes with a constant undertow of clanging, churning menace."

The Hollywood Reporter

"Jim Williams' nervy percussive score deepens the sense of nameless foreboding."

Total Film

"The eerie music (martial drums, electronic noise, the delicate folk ballad.. ..has the same sonic status as the dialogue."

The Independent

"There are two musical interludes here... that are as unnerving as anything sung by the residents of Summerisle as they frogmarch Edward Woodward's policeman to their cliff-top barbecue."

The Telegraph

"The doomy mood (is) abetted by Jim Williams's spare, percussive score."

British Film Institute

"Jim Williams's eminently unsettling score - the film's satumine heartbeat - pulses underneath."

Financial Times

"Logical explanations, though, are less interesting than the overall mood of menace... through Jim Williams's abrasively oppressive score."

Independent on Sun